As Cyber threats are consistently evolving & organizations are struggling to secure their critical asset , we have started our journey to address these challenges with unique approach. 

Our platform will bring best services, best solutions & expert resources together to help organizations to secure their digital assets. 


Time n again it is proved that Cyber Security is not just the product but the continuous journey. Despite that many organizations still heavily depend on Solutions. Eyeq Tech is committed to change this perception through the continuous awareness, Cyber Education & close engagements with our customers.


As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), we act as trusted security advisor for our customers bringing advanced expertise in the wide spectrum of Cyber Security. Let us become an extension of your team, whether for assisting them on fixing the challenges 24*7, monitoring Security incidents 24*7, Responding to security incidents , optimizing the security solutions & justifying the investment.

Core Values

Innovation | Quality | Team Work

State-of-art NextGen Cyber Security Oeration  Center


What sets us apart?

We speak Cyber Security in the language that you understand. We inspect your digital environment and your requirement to design solutions by eliminating unnecessary so that only necessary would be adapted. We are committed to optimize the investment made in cyber security as we believe in assessing thoroughly what must be done, to do away with uncalled for complications of multiple solutions. 


 Deliver the cyber security practices which continuously upscale with dynamic digital space and reduce the vulnerability of the digital environment.


 To offer cyber security services and solutions that capture and reduce the cyber risk and support all areas of business by promoting risk reduction, Effectively prevention and rapidly response in the emerging areas of cyber threat and vulnerabilities

Students Typing at Their Computers

What we do


Design the best Cyber Security Controls which cant just secure the systems & data but can also meet other factors including budget??


Implement Cyber Security controls with unique approach


Assess the existing Cyber security controls , IT infrastructure to visualize the weaknesses & blind spots.


Create awareness using Cyber Education , trainings & continuous engagements.

Our Team

Archana Nair​

Consultant , Advisor & Investor with 20 Years of Experience

Bimal Adhikari

Cyber security business lead with 20 Years of Industry experience

Umesh Shivtare

Passionate Cyber Security Consultant & Trainer with 12 Years of  Industry experience