NextGen Email Protection

Phishing attacks are the easiest way for cybercriminals to infiltrate business systems.

Phishing attacks start with a deceptive email designed to impersonate a reputable vendor, a well-known institution, or even a trusted co-worker or manager.

The email invites you to click on a malicious link, sign in to a spoof website, or download a bad attachment. That’s all it takes to hand over the keys to your kingdom.

Our NextGen Email Security works on every email server and device. No matter if you are on your phone, or outlook or any email client anywhere, we can protect you. It offers best-in-class security to iOS and Android devices alike.

 We provide complete protection for office 365, G-suite or on any on-premise or hosted email servers.

Value proposition

  • Multi-layers email security including Email Anti-malware, Anti-phishing & Anti-spam features.

  • Proactive SPF & DMARC record monitoring & Management