Advanced Endpoint Security

Prevention By Deception

Malware is very clever and evasive, using different techniques to evade detection and analysis by security systems & researchers. Today’s cyber defenses suffer from a backward looking & pattern/signature–matching design construct.

Get current location & assets

Network, Advanced Endpoint & Discovery ... Complete Enterprise Data Loss Prevention in one feather light agent.


Evade security systems & researchers

Contains payloads to evade current security tools, stops malicious behavior upon possible detection.

Check environment information

Querying the system for relevant information prior to attacking the endpoint or corporate network.

The result: attackers are always ahead of defenders...

Providing a multi-stage protection that dynamically responds to threats as they evolve and beats the bad guys in their own game!

Eyeq offering  innovative solution against threats in enterprises’ most critical and exposed assets, their endpoints!

The solution creates dynamic & deceptive information which interferes with any attempt to recon the environment and deters the malware from executing its malicious intents, through all the stages of compromise in the Attack Kill Chain – covering advanced & sophisticated malware techniques, constantly making sure all the endpoints & data in the enterprise are secured.

Preemptive & proactive

  • Prevents unknown and sophisticated threats

  • Very high prevention and detection rates

  • Real time detection & response


  • System-wide protection with pinpoint handling

  • Deploys in seconds & Easy to operate

  • Low resource usage (CPU, memory & disk)


  • NO constant updates

  • Operates in stand-alone/disconnected & VDI environments

  • Stops millions of threats using only 1 evasion technique